Become a certified POLICE TACTICS  instructors of America, at Krav Maga Viper Law Enforcement course.
Be a certified instructor and you will be able to teach law enforcement units ! There is a huge demand from many law enforcement agencies and personnel to properly arm themselves with the right tactics, techniques and knowledge for when they go into the field over the course of 4 intensive days (10hrs/day) get highly effective and easy to learn realistic training method, in law enforcement techniques and tactics.
This course is taught to law enforcement, law units, security personnel and Krav Maga Viper instructors only.
Join a Krav Maga Viper POLICE TACTICS  instructors of America course now( edw ena button na odhgei sto appointments )
Whole training are taught by Founder and Expert Master Iskan Selim ,who train you with world’s most realistic training and help you to develop needed skills to protect yourself and do your job in a lawful and effective manner.
After the course you will have the opportunity to get a Krav Maga Viper P.O.P Certificate of Achievement, or be tested to become an Officially Certified P.O.P Instructor.

Types of training.

  • Defenses against an attacker with a knife at close range or long.
  • Defenses against a stick/bat/ax
  • Defenses against two attackers, one with a stick and the other with a knife
  • Defenses against gun threats from different directions
  • Dealing with attempted kidnapping
  • Disabling and handcuffing of a violent suspect.
  • To Lead a suspect without option to flee or attack the policeman
  • Use of reasonable force and creative solutions in dealing with a hostile crowd (violent demonstrations, etc.)
  • Basic behavior principles in situations involving hostages.
  • All types of attacks by hands and feet.
  • All types of defenses against hands and feet attacks.
  • All the various types of releases.