Who are we?

A group of very qualified instructors, prepared experts circulating Krav Maga Viper as it ought to be – a battling technique which is practical,street oriented , eficient and speedy to learn.

We only teach techniques that works in actuallity.

All our accomplished KMV instructors have law authorization and teaching skills . We recognize what works and what doesn’t.

What do we do?

We train fighters. We train regular citizens, law authorization, military and bodyguard. We train kids and adults who want to learn how to protect themselves, we train whom need to go home safe ,we train women whom need to feel that they have nothing to scared of street attacks ,we train everyone who want to feel safety, self confidence  and protected everywhere.

And of course, we constantly get trained ourselves so that we can train you.

What is our main goal?

We are exceptionally passionate and focusing on our Krav Maga Viper . We don’t teach you how to just fight . We teach you mostly how to survive of any kind of attack you can encounter.

We believe that a thinking fighter is a better fighter, but we beleive firstly that is needed hard physical work, thinking must not replace combat . We train the muscular memory first, then cognition – not the other way around.

We will teach you with effective methods to become the best version of yourself ,we will be by your side to train you, to show you ,to correct you if necessary.

Our plan of training is simple : As more sweat and tears you lose on training , the less blood you lose on real life