Our training programs are both relevant to persons with prior bodyguard training who are looking to obtain a special competence, and to other security personnel who are looking for further training. We also train persons with no prior experience but with enthusiasm and talent for the bodyguard profession.

Our training programs are held all around the world and among our clients are for instance hotels or companies who want to train their staff or an individual to become a competent bodyguard.


Program of education:

1. Theory of security and protection
2. Legal aspect of security and protection
3. Application of physical protection – self-defence
4. Handling of fire arms and shooting
5. Tactics and communications
6. Communication
7. Firt aid

Detailed plan and program of education and operational content provided in documents.

Place of education planned, according to the plan of education.

Applicants are given the schedule of education before the beggining.

Forming groups in order of applications.

Management Board of KMV ELITE V.I.P. BODYGUARD is taking care of all neccessary school equipment and supplies for every student.

Candidates with successful completion of the Course receive the following:
Diploma with cadidate’s name and surname.
ID card with name ,surname and licence no.
Internationally recognised KRAV MAGA VIPER ELITE V.I.P BODYGUARD certificate of completed Course.

We offer a variety of training programs; from a general, basic level up to anti-terrorist training.