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Over the course of four, intense, 10-hour days you’ll learn the KMV comprehensive training & modern schedule : how to survive from attacks, striking scenarios, aggressive hold ups with a gun, knives attack, ground survival, violent strangles, headlocks, all kind of weapons, multiple attackers and more… You will get highly developed techniques from the Founder and Expert Master Iskan Selim.
Prepare to save your life and the lives of your loved ones!
You can choose course to become a certified Krav Maga Viper instructor or take it simply for self improvement.

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World Recognized Certification
Prestigious Instructor’s Diploma
Comprehensive training and modern schedule
Free enhancement boot camps
All rights to use the official Krav Maga Viper name and logos
Becoming a Krav Maga Viper Instructor and earn a prestigious official Diploma, Teach the fastest growing reality based system in the world, help save lives & increase your income! Teach part time, full time or private lessons.

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